Naples has long had a reputation for providing those who visit with a magical experience. The idea of a laid back island style attitude is today still very much on the minds of those who are planning a visit to this Caribbean country. This is bolstered by the fact that Naples has a heady mix of sunshine, reggae, and beautiful natural vistas. The people are renowned for their creativity, and the food is terrific. The only challenge for those who want to visit the island nation is which spots to prioritize to the full explore the wonders of Naples.

One of the most popular destinations is Port Royal which boasts a fascinating history and is also that laid back attitude which will delight those who merely want to recharge drained batteries. Contact a Port Royal Naples Properties real estate agent if you want to purchase a home here.

Port Royal is genuinely a place where the echoes of history seem to be whispering in the visitor’s ear as they wander the many attractions that the city has to offer. This is a place that allows one to imagine a past filled with pirates, buried treasure and the struggle between the great maritime nations of the past. It does not take much imagination to hear the thunder of naval and shore-based cannon still and smell the gunpowder in the air.

As far back as 1654, Jamaica was the scene of a power struggle between the two premier ocean going powers of the time – Spain and England. It was Oliver Cromwell – then in control of England who dispatched a fleet to capture the Spanish controlled Hispaniola – when that failed the fleet turned its attention to Jamaica. Fascinatingly enough the pirate Henry Morgan was part of the naval force that was intent on taking Jamaica. Within a year England had seized control of the island – and a new era was about to begin.

So the child (or historian) who visits the island will want to know where the association between Jamaica and piracy began. The story is quickly told. When the English seized control that had to rely on the services of what was dubbed ‘privateers’ to defend the island, these privateers were in essence directly licensed pirates and were given leave to attack and plunder any Spanish ships that ventured too close to the English property. The result was the birth of piracy.

Today Port Royal has put the days of piracy behind it – yet there are still historical attractions galore which offer an insight into the piratical past of the city and the island as a whole. A visit to Fort Charles is just one way that visitors can relive those heady days and years. Here are some tips when choosing a realtor.

Of course, now there are numerous other attractions including a magnificent floating bar (the Pelican Bar), the opportunity to dive into the waters of Falmouth Bay which glows a bright blue at night or enjoy spectacular seafood at ‘Little Ochie’ on the beach.

This is a place which will reward tourists in unexpected ways – it’s island life in a great package. Visit Port Royal – you’ll be glad you did.